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Lifestyle Wellness



Keeping You Healthy

 Your quest to living more active and healthy lifestyles is easier than you think! Track and manage the foods you eat and how they affect your well being, the exercises you do … or could do to stay healthy. Create Fun and Engaging experience for the whole family with good Nutrition and Fitness.

A healthy Mind and Body can lead to better decisions, which can lead to healthy lifestyle....

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Healthcare Professionals



Prevention & Disease Management

Empower people when it matters the most! Take charge of their Health….using self-management tools for nutrition, fitness, and medical information for health promotion, prevention and disease management. All with the support of health care providers

Corporate Wellness



Promoting Healthy Workforce

Build a Smarter, Stronger and Healthy Workforce. A good employee wellness program should do more than help your employees grow healthy; it should help your business grow healthy.

Discover how our employee wellness program can help your employees stay smart, stay fit and stay healthy to help your business grow healthy.

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Thinking Healthy Lifestyle? 

Take charge of your health NOW!

If you are thinking of healthy lifestyle, wish to maintain good health, or you want to take care of a health-related condition that can be improved with lifestyle modifications, Nutribasic makes it fun and easy way for health promotion, prevention and disease management.

Register Now, and see how Nutribasic can help you stay healthy or become healthy. You can self-manage and also work together with your health care provider.

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Nutribasic Pro


Analyze Diet, Exercise and Medical Information for your clients

Educate, Engage and Empower your patients to take charge of their health

See how our interactive and dynamic
Nutribasic™ Health and Well-being Portal will compliment your efforts to manage challenges of Health Promotion, Prevention and Chronic Disease Management such as:

Diabetes - Obesity - 
- Overweight - High Blood Pressure - High Cholesterol

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Healthful Zone


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HealthfulZone is all about Education, Engagement and Empowerment. Participate and find out how you can get involved to win challenges and rewards.

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Healthful Tips


Food, glorious, food!  Part of the joy of being healthy is enjoying wonderful, fresh, delicious  and nutritious food. Click here for food and cooking inspiration.




Click here for tasty recipes




Coming Soon...Part of a healthy lifestyle comes from being active and enjoying a variety of activities. Being active helps us manage our weight, prevent disease and lower our stress levels.

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